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Canadian-goose-down-pillows-uk, the magnificent pure canadian goose down - renowned for its quality and rarity - is filled into these spectacular pillows. its incredible fill-power is some of the fluffiest around, and ensures peerless support and suppleness. the pillow features pure cotton cambric, double-stitched fabric casing for superior breathability.. If you wish to experience what it might be like sleeping in a warm cloud, then look no further, this 100% canadian goose down pillow is for you! all this natural opulence is contained in a deliciously soft 330 thread count cotton cover for the ultimate in luxury. harald from hamburg ordered 1 duvet cover pure cotton, this soft or medium firmness canadian goose down pillow offers luxury at an affordable price. this standard size pillow measure 19 ins x 29 ins (50 cm x 75 cm) and is generously filled with 100% canadian hutterite goose down. this fine quality pillow is encased in a 100%, 400 thread count, cotton cambric cover..

Its filling is 100% genuine canadian goose down (nothing else added, no chambers filled with cheap feather.. just 100% pure down) renowned for its gorgeously soft, long-lasting quality. this lavishly luscious fill is packed in as tightly as possible, then covered with amazingly super-soft 500 thread count silk cotton outer cover., filled with the most amazing 100% class 1 pure canadian white snow goose down enabling the pillows to feel impressively soft and light due to the hand picked soft fluffy clusters of down. the cotton cover has an extraordinary soft feel 330 thread count with remarkable double piped stitching throughout the edges of the pillows..

Canadian goose down is well known throughout the world as the very best goose down, with premium insulation properties, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. our canadian white goose down pillow comprises, 95% new white canadian goose down & 5% new white canadian goose feather., raymat textiles e-store provides goose down pillow with an assurance of thorough sterilization. you can find hungarian, siberian and canadian goose down pillows at the raymat textiles. if you want to add more magic to your slumber time, you can buy these goose down pillows with a pillow cover made of pure mulberry silk..

Filled with pure premium canadian goose down, the outer chamber feels heavenly soft, light and comforting as your head sinks in to it. you'll feel the support of the goose feather inner chamber as your head won't sink deeply in to the pillow., our pillows are expertly crafted to help you get a perfect nights sleep. we offer pillows with a variety of fillings and features. shop our collection of goose down pillows, fibre pillows and silk pillows and find your favourite style..

The best down pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers are ultra soft and can reduce neck pain. shop our top-rated down pillow picks for every budget.