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Party-tent-rental-sizes, what size tent do i need gitaarstemmer?. the questions below will help you “guesstimate” your tenting needs for budgetary purposes and to make sure the required tent will fit in the space available herunterladen.answers to the first two questions are required to generate an answer.. 3337 fortuna drive, akron, ohio 44312. phone: (330) 645-0555 fax: (330) 645-0996 [email protected], at elegant tent and party, we rent tents in a wide variety of sizes and styles. from a small tent for an upcoming family gathering to a large tent, for a major company outing ...plus weddings, festivals, graduations, concerts, auctions and much more..

Millers rentals and sales, 160 fieldcrest avenue - suite d - edison, nj 08837 phone:732-985-3050 fax: 732-985-4415 serving the metropolitan area since 1934, rental party tent and canopy sized from bergen party rentals in new jersey.. Weddings and garden parties the typical wedding or garden party under a tent or canopy will require space for guests to be seated at round tables, as well as space for buffet, head tables, bars, and dance floors. although every party has unique requirements, the general rule for this type of party is to allow 15 square feet per guest., some typical tent sizes include: a 20' x 40' tent could accommodate 100 seated theater style (rows of chairs with an aisle up the middle) or 64 seated at round tables of 8. a 30' x 60' tent could accommodate 225 seated theater style, 144 seated at round tables of 8, or 180 seated cafeteria style (rows of 8' banquet tables)..

This tent calculatorr is designed to offer you a quick reference in determining how large a tent you'll need. for more information or a more detailed estimate, please contact us.or call us (973) 575-1190.. most space planners feel that the most comfortable use of space is that the length is no more than 2 times the width.