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Upright-vs-chest-freezer-efficiency, chest vs upright freezer: major differences . the type of freezer that best suits you depends on your particular lifestyle and needs. some people prefer to have an upright for everyday frozen foods, while they store seasonal game/meat or special and seasonal baking in a chest freezer.. Upright freezer or chest freezer: which should you buy? extra freezer space comes at a cost, but it can help you save money in the long run., therefore, the total cost for a 14.4 cubic foot upright freezer is between $700 and $1,150. maintenance. maintenance of the chest freezer is a bit more involved than that of the upright. this is mostly because the chest freezer does not have an auto-defrost option. this means thawing out the freezer, draining it, and then cleaning out the inside..

Getting an additional freezer is the perfect way to store large amounts of extra food in your home. meat, vegetables, microwave meals, and all kinds of edible things can be stored for long periods in a freezer., chest freezers. when it comes to chest freezers, every inch of the freezer is usable storage space. (more room for these make-ahead freezer meals!) most chest freezers must be defrosted manually, although some models are frost-free or have an automatic defrost option..

Limitations of upright freezers. less food storage - upright freezers store less food than chest freezers. not only do the shelves and compartments take up space, but the front-facing door also makes it difficult to stack items in snugly.